Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you call your instructors Deal Guides?

At times, the deal process feels like a monumental trek. Mountaineers tackling the top peaks of the world have gotten to the top with the expert knowledge and skill of guides. In the same way, our Deal Guides help deal professionals and deal teams to more rapidly ascend their chosen M&A career paths in pursuit of continuous improvement in becoming high-output performers.

Why are only some of your courses available digitally? 

We are hard at work expanding the digital offerings. To produce them, we do more than a simple screen cast or film a talking head lecture for our asynchronous offerings. We illustrate using multiple tools, work with instructional designers, use professional voice actors, and deploy best practices in learning and knowledge retention to construct our digital offerings. This takes time to get right.  Reach out to us; if you do not see the course offerings you are interested in online, inquire about timing or to get on the wait list for its release.

How many deal professionals can attend in-person trainings?

Class sizes vary based on the course and delivery method. We have taught courses to class sizes ranging from five to over fifty. Contact us to discuss the courses you are interested in and how we can best accommodate your team. Contact us at

Who have you trained for?

We train M&A firms across firm size and M&A discipline. We have trained global private equity groups, Big 4 and regional accounting firms, boutique TAS practices, national and regional investment banks, Fortune 500 corporate investment arms, AmLaw 100 and 200 law firms, and guest lectured at universities.

I do not see the course(s) I am most interested in. Do you build custom course?

Reach out to discuss the courses or topics you are looking for. We can discuss what courses we have and what courses we can develop for you.

Do you only train in the U.S., or will you train internationally?

We train deal professionals both domestically and internationally. Our passports are always ready to be stamped. Email us at